15 watercolor tattoos for women


Do you remember Paint by Numbers? You mix water and paint together and it looks cool. If you like that look, you might want to consider getting a watercolor tattoo. These tattoos come in many different types and really everything can be made into a watercolor tattoo. Pastel colors are usually used because they make thinning look even better and are a unique way to add color to your tattoo instead of just filling it in. If you want to see and hear more about watercolor tattoos , check out these 15 tattoos!

1. Night sky watercolor tattoo

The night sky can sometimes be a beautiful sight, especially for a watercolor design. This design uses some of the galaxy-like colors and turns the sky into a beautiful range of colors including stars and some trees at the bottom. This idea is perfect for someone who loves nature and its beauty.

2. Compass watercolor tattoo

Although compasses have not been used for years, they are a great symbol for travel. The watercolor background contrasts with the compass and gives it an almost magical feel. Even if you are a roommate, there is no doubt that this concept is cool.

3. Dandelion watercolor tattoo

A trademark image of the summer is a dandelion that blows in the wind. This tattoo takes that idea to the next leave and adds watercolors while the seeds turn into a watercolor background. The watercolor here shows a unique way to depict the wind.

4. Camera watercolor tattoo

Camera helps to capture moments and what better way to cheer up a camera than with watercolor? The watercolor in this tattoo can represent flashes coming out of the camera or perhaps the camera gives color to the world. No matter how you look at it, this tattoo is definitely Instagram worth.

5. Butterfly watercolor tattoo

Butterflies are beautiful creatures that come in many different colors. That is why they are perfect for a watercolor tattoo. By adding watercolor, the butterfly can become something completely different and it is perfect if you are not really sold to keep your butterfly in one color.

6. Owl watercolor tattoo

Owls can symbolize many different things, but one of the things that owls really miss is color. Adding some watercolor can take your tattoo from serious to fun. This tattoo seems to have been made randomly, which is such a unique aspect for every tattoo.

7. Book watercolor tattoo

Books are said to take you to another world and that is exactly what this tattoo does. The watercolor really seems to add a magical touch and is a great way to incorporate the colors of the rainbow without making the tattoo look too busy.

8. Wolf watercolor tattoo

Wolves are usually seen as strong and stoic, but this tattoo makes such an idea a bit. The use of watercolors allows the wolf to have much more color than normal, especially with the small sparkles everywhere. It also looks a bit like an ombre effect, where the two colors combine before they change into one color.

9. Sunflower watercolor tattoo

This watercolor tattoo is one of the most realistic images because it looks like someone has just taken a brush and done it. The colors are vivid but still narrowed with water, which is a difficult appearance to achieve and the sunflower itself becomes its own work of art.

10. Semicolon watercolor tattoo

This semicolon tattoo is actually the first of its kind to make this list! Instead of making something and using the watercolor as a background, the watercolor is the main focus and a piece is pulled out for the symbol. This is one of the cooler ways to adjust your watercolor tattoo.

11. Cat watercolor tattoo

A cute one . Everyone loves cats, right? If you are a big cat lover, try this watercolor cat tattoo. It characterizes the contours of the cat, but instead of adding characteristics, the watercolor becomes the cat’s fur. This tattoo is relatively bare, but the small details of watercolor are the perfect accents.

12. Skull watercolor tattoo

Skulls are not normally seen as something that should be watercolor, but this tattoo proves that it is wrong. The different watercolors mixed together ultimately make this skull less intimidating and give it an almost sinister feeling. Plus the meanings for it are endless.

13. Disney watercolor tattoo

Talk about a breathtaking interpretation of The Little Mermaid . This entire tattoo is made of watercolors, but it looks like it came directly from the sea. All colors blend perfectly and turned it into a living work of art.

14. Origami watercolor tattoo

This tattoo combines two graceful arts … origami and watercolor. The origami cranes are normally left flat, but when you add the watercolor, they really seem to fly and literally color the world.

15. Superhero watercolor tattoo

This last watercolor tattoo is a bit different and for the geeky girls out there! This Captain America Shield tattoo looks exactly like in the movie, but the watercolor takes on a bit. It almost looks as if the shield is bleeding or grafted onto which is a cool trend of watercolor tattoos.

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15 watercolor tattoos for women

15 watercolor tattoos for women

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